Fall Friends

Brave pirates are trying to get to the cherished treasures. The path turned out to be no less thorny than the journey of that same Flint for a chest full of gold coins.


At its core, this game is an obstacle course. Roblox fans could go a similar path with different obbie themes. The difference lies in the main characters, as well as in the obstacles themselves.

The gamer will have to help several brave travelers reach their goal. The obstacle course is quite fun and looks like a water park. It is important not to go the distance and cope with all the tasks assigned with honor.

You can control it with a computer mouse. The main thing is not to get distracted, because if the hero approaches a certain obstacle at the wrong time, it will simply blow him off the playing field.

The user will need concentration and a small amount of time. The number of attempts in an online game has no special restrictions. If the next round ended in failure, you just need to restart the program.

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